We are talking about what happens when real estate values are extraordinarily high and mortgage rates abnormally low. It’s like waving a magic wand. Suddenly buying your first home, buying the bigger house or renovating the one you have is attainable, even it was impossible when you tried a couple of years ago. Realtor Pat Goldstein and I will be sharing customer success stories and how they took steps to make their dreams come true.

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The Gold Standard in Real Estate, realtor Pat Goldstein of Crye-Leike is back in the co-host chair. Pat, you have been working morning, noon and night and into the night helping sellers choose the best of many offers to purchase their homes. You have been guiding your home buyers, laying out some strategy to help them buy the house they want. Take a moment to tell our listeners a little about yourself and what you do for your clients. (Pat introduces herself)

The magical power within…

(Jo) What do you envision your life to be like in your dreams? Lev Grossman of the Magicians said, “If there’s a single lesson that life teaches us, it’s that wishing doesn’t make it so.” Then there is Napoleon Hill who reminds us, “What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.” So, the truth is, we all have super powers within us if would but use them. We have the power within to create and the power to choose.”

Mortgage rates dipped about 5% this week for the first time since January 2021. Home values increased 15.6% year-over-year. The mortgage that the aspiring homebuyer could not afford last week suddenly became affordable this week

The Collinger’s Story

The Collinger’s dream of getting their children through college, and retiring within the next ten years seemed impossible. This week, their home hit the highest value they had ever seen. At the same time, mortgage rates dipped back down from their recent climb. Restructuring the other debt with a cash-out refinance with the high home value and low fixed rate, the Collinger’s could now do what they never imagined they could—get their older kids through college and set their sights on retiring in less than ten years.

Dennison’s Story

The Dennison’s dreamed of remodeling their home and opening up the kitchen and living room space, installing a gunite swimming pool, and converting the back patio area to a bar-b-que station to spend more quality time with friends and family. They had attempted to get financing to achieve this dream over the years, but the home value was never enough, and the mortgage payment was always too high. But, today, with a swish of the magic wand, all of these dreams, the Dennison’s are making a reality.

If you have not explored selling your home and moving up, the low mortgage rate makes this step up much more affordable than you think-even with the higher price on the move-up home.

The Mueller’s story

In 2018 the Mueller’s explored selling their home and buying a bigger, more expensive home. The payment buying the bigger, better home would have cost them $800 more per month on a mortgage—insanely out of reach. But, selling at the higher price now and locking in a much lower mortgage rate landed them their castle and only costs about $300 more per month. Rising home value and the bottom bumping fixed mortgage rate was like the flick of the magic wand, and, viola’, they were in the beautiful dream home.

Later in this show we can look at how these hall-of-fame mortgage clients achieved their dreams. What do YOU want to accomplish with YOUR mortgage? Make Your Plan. Work Your Plan. If the deal works for you today, let’s do it today. Let’s explore YOUR mortgage options. www.JoGarner.com

Back to Pat Goldstein-avoid this expensive error

Pat, Goldstein, you also have a front row seat in the lives of your homebuying and home selling clients. Talk about some ways they have strategized to seemingly “pull a rabbit out of the hat” with the purchase or sale of their home? Pat has shares story about a seller who tried to sell without an realtor. They wanted to take the highest price offer but did not realize they were giving up $14,000 of their profit because of how the buyer wrote the contract. This seller, when they consulted with a realtor friend, decided to list their home and not be at risk of making an expensive mistake. Pat tells story about home seller who tried to sell their home without a realtor. They got a high price offer, but did not realize they would be paying $14K for closing and other items for the buyer. This would erase the higher profit the sellers thought they would be getting from the home sale. They listed their home shortly after.

You’re on Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe. I’m your host, Jo Garner, Mortgage Loan Officer. What do YOU want to accomplish with your mortgage? Make your plan. Let’s work your plan if the deal works for you today, let’s do it today. Connect with me at www.JoGarner.com When we come back Realtor Pat Goldstein of Crye-Leike will be back sharing some helpful tips to assist you in making the magic of this time work for you. See you back in just a moment.


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Peggy shares a story about a rough experience with a service provider. She goes on to share her positive true story of a girl born without legs and some of the barriers she overcame to become a champion gymnast. Don’t give up on your dreams. Nothing is impossible.

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  1. Describe the real estate market for sellers right now.

  2. Describe the market for buyers right now

  3. What are your top tips for sellers?

  4. What are your top tips for buyers?

  5. Share some stories to illustrate how, because of these market conditions, some of your clients were able to realize some milestones and experiences that they thought would never happen



  1. How do these mortgage clients achieve the life and home of they have always wanted? Is it really as easy has the swish of a magic wand?

No , it is not as easy as the swish of a wand. Although, the current market we are experiencing is like a magical unlocking of a giant-sized gate leading to the life of these clients’ dreams. The superstar mortgage clients I have are the ones who made a plan a while back and worked their plan to clean up their credit, to put back some money in savings. They are the ones who sat down on a Saturday afternoon and reviewed their bank statements, credit card statement and determined the maximum they could spend on a house not per month and the maximum money they could pay down at closing.

The mortgage clients with these success stories, took the time to really determine what they wanted from life. They had a pretty good idea what there forever home would look like. They knew the milestones they wanted accomplish and the timeline to do it.

What do YOU want your home to look like? Does it have a sunroom, a pool, a covered patio bar-b-que area where you can spend time enjoying time with your family and friends? What kind of work do you do? Are you retired? How do you want to spend your time every day and with whom doing what? What kind of things do you want people to say about you?

A Triumphant Dream Come True for First-Time Homebuyers

A TRIUMPHANT ENDING-The Johansson’s story

Young asian adult couple sitting on flor planning new home design.

(Jo) On this show you could say we are beginning the show talking about The END-the end of the home buying and mortgage process that culminates at the real estate closing table. Earlier this week I got to attend the closing with two of my mortgage clients—a married couple who have spent much of their lives serving others overseas. On returning stateside they really wanted to own their first home. Their challenge was not having the funds to close on a home and not having a large income to afford a payment on a house like the one they needed.

The Johanssons (not their real names) put a good realtor on their team who listened to what they really wanted and needed in their home. The realtor watched the market daily for months until she found a home that the Johanssons knew was meant to be their home.

But the challenge was that the price of the house with a normal down payment would wreck their budget and leave them no emergency funds. The Johanssons laid out their boundaries on payments and move-in costs. Because of their income level and the location of the home they wanted to buy, they qualified for a special down payment assistance product that offered $15,000 down payment assistance and a lower than market interest rate. Using this product, the house was well within their grasp. The payment was comfortable and they had emergency funds left over too.

When we all arrived at the title office to complete the closing of the loan and transfer of title to the Johanssons, it was a celebration time. While Mr. Johansson signed the papers, Ms. Johansson talked excitedly about how she planned to decorate the home and make it a happy place for their family and friends to come visit. When the last paper was signed and notarized, Mr. and Ms. Johansson rushed into each other’s arms in celebration of achieving he their dream of owning their own home. We were all laughing and cheering. It was a long won victory.

As we took pictures and shared more stories of the Johansson’s journey to homeownership, I felt that rush of happiness and fulfillment, knowing I had a part in making a lifelong dream come true for this very deserving couple. I reminded myself, “This is why get up, get ready and get to work each day. This is why I do what I do as a mortgage loan officer.”

Martin and Maria Miller-call on resources to get the second home they needed

Martin and Maria lived more than a thousand miles away from the place where they had lived and built a live with their children. After the children were older Martin and Maria had an opportunity to take over a business on the other side of the country. Then their children got jobs in different areas of the country. The Martin’s yearned to have a central rallying place where their family could get together for the holidays or for just being together.

A close family friend from their hometown knew of their strong yearning to have a second home back home. This close friend set them up with a realtor who found them a house close to where they once lived. It was beaten up and needed a good cleaning, some carpentry and some sheetrock replaced.

Half way through the loan process, the appraisal came in with a mile-long list of items that could affect the structure, the safety and sanitation on the house. Due to the type repairs needed, the lender required these repairs to be completed BEFORE the closing and not AFTER.

The Millers realized with a sinking feeling that they had just spent a few hundred dollars on an appraisal and now they seemed to be in a catch-22. They could not close on the home until the repairs were done. But the seller said he would not have the money to pay for the repairs until after the closing. But the lender said no closing until the repairs were done. In so many cases, this is where the bargain deal dies.

But, good friends can be very valuable, especially when their trade is fixing and building houses. Their hometown friend got the list of needed repairs and whistled up his construction buddies. Everyone agreed to work for just about free just to help the Millers.

They put together an itemized agreement to start work when the loan was approved for all but the repairs. The seller signed the agreement that he would pay hometown friend and his pals on the closing day when he got his funds. Once the loan was preapproved by the lender’s underwriter, hometown friend and his pals fell into getting every item cleaned up and repaired. The appraiser went back out to the house and took pictures of the completed repairs so the Millers could finally get closed on their home in time for the rest of their family to all be together in their former hometown. (Thanks to their good-hearted hometown friend—hoping they invite him over to enjoy a meal)


Another story about a client who wanted his house to be his castle comes from Darik Dennison, a hard-working professional who was spending way too much time at work and not at home with his wife and younger children. The Dennison’s wanted to make some improvements to their home that would bring them together as a family more often.

They wanted to open up the kitchen area to allow them all to be in the same room while eating and doing other activities. They wanted to put in a nice gunite pool with a deck and extend the patio by building a covered area for grilling outside. With the pool and the deck and extended patio, the Dennison’s could grill out or sit and read the paper while the kids swam in the pool with their friends. It was a brilliant plan to squeeze in more family time and make every moment count.

Their challenge was that they would have to get a variable rate Home Equity Line of Credit for over $75,000 and the variable rates have been forecasted to go up repeatedly for the next couple of years. This would mean their payment on the equity line of credit could continue to go up too, which could be a budget buster for the Dennison’s.

The Dennison’s explored a number of ways to try to get the money to complete the renovations to their home. Some of the investments he had considered using for the improvements was invested and making a good return. But using a variable rate Home Equity Line in a market where variable rates were predicted to go up multiple times was not working with a fixed budget.

Mr. and Ms. Dennison decided to keep all the financing on a stable, fixed rate loan by refinancing their existing first mortgage and getting cash out to pay for the home renovations and repairs. The entire financing package would be on a fixed rate loan with no prepayment penalty. The Dennisons would be able to pay extra on their new first mortgage and get the mortgage paid off early. They had their renovations, giving them quality family time and a payment that would not break their budget.

REAL ESTATE TIP OF THE WEEK (Peggy Lau of Club Secret with another tip for real estate pros to use to refresh and recharge with first-class bargain-priced vacations. PEGGY OF CLUB SECRET shares the top 9 ways to teach people how to trust you by how you treat others.

Pat Goldstein offers tip


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Life holds a special magic for those who dare to dream.” Anonymous



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