If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for keeping an aging family member close by but without an astronomical cost OR maybe you just want to downsize by building small so you can live large, this topic is for you.  Janne Zaccagnino will be talking about building a tiny house and I will be sharing ways to finance a tiny house.  Mary Lou Nowak of Home Helpers will be sharing cost-effective ways to get non-medical assistance in the home.

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Good morning, Memphis!  Welcome to our internet listeners and podcast listeners across the 50 states! You’re on Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe. I’m your host, Jo Garner, Mortgage Loan Officer.  You can connect with me at www.JoGarner.com. Our general topic is FINANCING TINY HOUSES & NON-MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FOR YOUR AGING LOVED ONES. This episode of Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe is sponsored by Quality Title Group.  For your real estate closing call Joe Rojas at 901 289-5821.  

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If you are looking for a cost effective solution for keeping an aging family member close by but without an astronomical cost OR maybe you just want to downsize by building small so you can live large, this topic is for you.  Janne Zaccagnino will be talking about building a tiny house and I will be sharing ways to finance a tiny house.  Mary Lou Nowak of Home Helpers will be sharing cost-effective ways to get non-medical assistance in the home.  

Let me introduce our first guest, Janne Zaccagnino with Ralph Jones Home Plans.  Janne designs homes and creates blueprints for construction for individuals and builders.  Her plans are sold all around the world through magazines and websites. The company’s primarily focus is on homes under 10,000 sq. ft. as well as detached garages, guest houses pool houses, barns, duplexes and townhomes and the hot new trend of Tiny Houses on Wheels.  Janne, tell our listeners a little bit about yourself and what you do for your clients. 

Mary Lou Nowak of Mid-South Home Helpers is back in the studio again.  We really can’t consider you a guest any more, Mary Lou.   You are a regular and back by popular demand.   Mary Lou owns Mid-South Home Helpers and provides non-medical assistance for families needing help caring for a loved one.  Mary Lou tell our new listeners a little bit about yourself and what you do for your clients. 

I am Jo Garner, host of Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe.  I am also a mortgage loan officer helping my clients get the right financing product on a home purchase or refinance so they can realize their dreams and start building wealth in the process. I have been in the mortgage market over 25 years.  You learn something new every day in this business and I do.  

This week I was pounding the phone and the keyboard, letting some of my past prospects know that mortgage rates had eased down to a 5-month low.  30YR Conventional  FIXED – 4.0%-4.125% and the 15 year fixed rate conventional 3.25% to 3.5%.   Call me and we can look at other loan program rates. But you have to talk with me personally so I can work with you.  You can connect with me at www.JoGarner.com or call me directly at (901) 482-0354. MAKE YOUR PLAN. LET’S WORK YOUR PLAN. IF THE DEAL WORKS FOR YOU TODAY, DO IT TODAY!

This topic today about how to finance tiny houses. How to build them. And how to get non-medical help in the home is really close to my heart right now.   My mother is one of my heroes.  She has always been a champion for my sister and me and for a few others too.  Due to some health struggles over the past few years and an accident where she broke her hip, she has not been able to live at home for over 4 years.   

But this past weekend, after several weeks of preparation, my sister and I were able to move my mom to a gorgeous over 500 square foot Tiny House.  The little house sits on the property at my sister’s house.  We have 24/7 sitters helping her and a home health care agency coming in periodically each week.  She has a healthy meal plan but she gets to eat what she wants and when she wants it.  

Last Easter weekend was the first time in 4 years I was able to let her help me prepare Easter dinner.  When we started to eat, she smiled at me and said, “I love you, Jo.” Then she looked around at her new home and gave me another big smile.  She said, “And I LOVE my house!” That one moment with Mother knowing she was truly happy, made our planning and investment WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Later in today’s show I am going to be covering with you some ways you can finance a Tiny House.  Since the loans are usually so small, the most readily available financing will probably be from a Tiny House dealer or special groups you can find online that provide personal loans up to $25,000. Here are some sites that you can check out online tinyhouselending.com This is a highly regarded peer to peer lending network that has had great success getting people tiny house loans.  You can get a free e-book by Alex Pino, owner of www.tinyhousetalk.com.  Your very best deals may come from a different source so stay tuned.

Janne Zaccagnino, you are involved with designing and building Tiny Houses.  Share with us a little about how someone could go about finding the right Tiny House for their needs and getting one built.   



Solutions for Aging Loved Ones:

    1. The least expensive solution for aging parents is to have them move in with you, however;
      1. It’s HARD to have multi-generations living under one roof.
      2. You probably need a bedroom on the first floor, if you don’t have that, something’s gotta give!
      3. If outside help (medical or non-medical) is needed, they will have access to your entire house which may not be ideal for you OR the outside help.
    2. One solution may be to build a new room addition onto your home
      1. Do you really want to expand your home?
      2. Do you have room on your lot to add what is needed?
      3. Will your lot accommodate the extra bedroom/bathroom, etc.?
      4. Financing? Do you have the credit? Does your aging parent have the money?
      5. Will you overprice your house for your subdivision?
    3. Enclosing a garage is often a simple solution, but it is not ideal and adding a bath near a garage is often a very expensive addition.
      1. Handicapped Bathroom Fixtures require a lot more space than you might think.
      2. Required wheelchair turn-around area (a 5’ circle) between the wall and any fixture (sink, toilet) and an oversized “roll-in” shower.
      3. All doors must be 32” CLEAR space at all entry points, including closets and bathrooms. This means wider hallways and more square footage inside those halls, closets and baths.
      4. Walkways must be free of clutter, power cords and rugs.  They should be smooth, non-slip surfaces.  
      5. Garages are typically lower than the main house, so the floor will need to be built up to match the main house should a wheel chair ever be needed.
  • A Handicap Friendly “Tiny House” in your back yard, especially if it is of a temporary nature, may be the simplest option.  It may also be the least expensive option as well.
    1. Zoning Restrictions in your town, will code allow it?
    2. Will it be hooked into the “big” house’s Power, Water, Sewer (Septic)?
    3. Will you want it to be a permanent Structure or a Temporary addition?
    4. Will you want it on a regular Conventional or Slab foundation or would you like it to be on skids or wheels for ease in relocation?
    5. If it is a pre-fab unit, do you know HOW you will get it into your backyard? Will it fit between your house and next door?

At Ralph Jones Home Plans, we can design ANY of the above.  We can remodel some space in your current home, whether we open up walls to create a Handicap Accessible Bathroom, or add walls in the garage to create a great new heated space. We can design room additions that attach to your current home, or that are totally separate from your home.  Shelby County has size restrictions with regards to “guest houses” and they need to be called certain names or they raise concerns.  In the past, they used a Stove to determine whether you were trying to divide your home into a multi-unit, but they are not as restrictive any longer. They will now allow a stove in a guest house.


QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY MARY LOU NOWAK: Certified Aging in Place Specialist “CAPS” by the West TN Builders Association

  • What can you do, Mary Lou, through Home Helpers when help is needed for a family member? I can provide information and help families have the critical conversations that may be needed if they noticed a need. Each day we help thousands of families in the area – given this we understand the complexity of family dynamics. Personally, I enjoy helping families learn about their options and what might make the most sense for their unique needs. If you know of someone in this situation, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  
  • What sets Home Helpers apart from other agencies? Mary Lou Nowak,  Owner of MidSouth Home Helpers Specializing in elderly care and expert in expediting long term care insurance policies with the least amount of out of pocket expense. mlnowak@homehelpershomecare.com  www.MidSouthHomeHelpers.com
  •   What are your tips for saving the most money when it is time to file a long term care claim?  Mary Lou covers this during the Real Estate Tip of the Week.
  • Describe a typical caregiving situation
  • What are some common signs that let you know that your loved one needs some assistance with daily living?



  • Talk About Ways To Finance Tiny Houses
  1. One of the methods of financing a Tiny House with the least amount of paperwork is funding from a family member.  Gifts are great when you can get them.  So many clients I talk to in my mortgage office, especially if they are purchasing rental property or something other than their own primary residence, find it difficult to ask for a family gift unless the family member can be paid back, especially at a higher than market interest rate.

Right now savings accounts and Certificate of Deposits are paying almost nothing in interest on these accounts.  A few years ago I had a family-like friend ask me if I would loan him some money on an unsecured loan so he could finish renovating one of his rental properties.  I wanted to help him but what cinched the deal for me was when he wrote me out a promissory note at a 9% interest rate on the money I loaned him that he paid back over the course of several months.   I made such a great return on loaning him that money, I asked him if we could do it again.   

  1. Unsecured bank loans can be a source of financing for Tiny Houses.  The bank will want to know if the Tiny House is one on wheels or permanently affixed to the land. If the Tiny House is on wheels, the loan could fall under the bank guidelines for lending on Recreational Vehicles.   Watch out for this because some banks will not want to do this type of loan on collateral being used as a primary residence.
  2. Home Equity Line of Credit  secured on your own primary residence that can be used to pay cash for a Tiny House. If you are trying to buy a Tiny House for a parent or other loved one, the Home Equity Line on your own home is a cheap source of funding if it is in 2nd position behind your existing first mortgage.
  3. Cash-out mortgage on your own primary residence or a vacation home or rental property.   This could give you a low fixed-rate mortgage loan that pays off your existing first mortgage and gives you funding over and above the amount you owed on your old mortgage. The funding over and above the amount of the first mortgage you are paying off is the amount you can use to pay for a Tiny House.

You probably would not want to use this method unless you can get a better rate on the first mortgage you are paying off.

  1. Borrowing against your 401k.  Avoid taking money out of the 401k to avoid possible tax penalties, but look into borrowing money from the 401k.
  2. Funding from a company specializing in Tiny Houses.  

Here are some websites to check out.  Make sure you check out the lending company you use with the Better Business Bureau or other trusted review method.

tinyhouselending.com– This is a peer to peer lending network that can provide funds to purchase your Tiny House.

You can pick up a  free e-book by Alex Pino, owner of tinyhousetalk.com.

gets you a personal loan up to $25k for qualified borrowers. Some states are excluded.



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Eric Eurich, Business Coach for Focal Point Business Coaching http://www.ericeurich.focalpointcoaching.com/

Frank Guido Construction located in Lake Geneva Wisconsin

Frank Guido Construction (FGC) has been building luxury homes for over 30 years. These homes and renovations can be found in the prestigious North Shore neighborhoods as well as among the Lake Resort Homes on Geneva Lake in Wisconsin.

Joe Rojas, Quality Title Group Memphis TN   orders@qualitytitlepro.com  (901) 289-5821



Janne Zaccagnino

Ralph Jones Home Plans, LLC

Janne is part owner of Ralph Jones Home Plans, LLC located in Cordova, TN, where she designs homes and creates blueprints for construction for individuals (custom homes) and builders (spec homes).  These plans are sold, literally all around the world through magazines and websites. The company’s primarily focus is on homes under 10,000 sq. ft. as well as other structures, such as detached garages, guest/pool houses, barns, duplexes and townhomes (attached houses) and the new trend of Tiny Houses on Wheels.  

As far as her Real Estate Investing career, in 2005, Janne began helping her aging father manage his rental properties, including several single family homes and a commercial office building; in 2014 she caught the investment property bug and began investing in her own rental properties.  Her preferred method of Real Estate Investing is to design and build new rental units.  Her ultimate goal is to own enough properties by the time she retires to have a steady, comfortable income and to leave a sizable inheritance to her two daughters.

She is married to the incredible Mr. Dan, who is a Human Resources Professional, and they have two lovely daughters, both of whom are professional musicians.  Her hobbies include an insatiable desire of learning new things and sharing these things with others, reading, lots of reading, singing and playing music and spending as much time as possible outdoors.



Home Helpers – (901) 414-9696  www.homehelperscare.com

Mary Lou Nowak is a professional who began client care at a 500 bed community hospital in 2001 and since, while working with seniors and their families as owner of Home Helpers became an expert in expediting long term care insurance policies saving families thousands.


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