Today on Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe we are going to dispel some myths about Veteran Home Loans that have caused our valued veterans to miss out on getting the home they want. I will be covering little known ways you can use the Veteran Home Loan to get started building wealth. Tom King, our expert appraiser will be sharing some great information about what to expect on a real estate appraisal. We will be hearing from others later in the show.

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Good morning, Memphis! Welcome to our listeners across the 50 states! You’re on Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe. I’m your host, Jo Garner, Mortgage Loan Officer. You can connect with me at Our general topic is “VETERAN HOME LOANS-FINANCING TO HELP OUR MILITARY VETERANS PROSPER & BUILD WEALTH.”

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Back in his normal seat at the microphone is Tom King, appraiser with Bill King company. Tom has been appraising homes in the Mid-South for over 40 years. Tom knows the real estate market in the Mid-South. Tom, I think you have a virtual GPS , Google maps and Chandler Real Estate Report all built into one app inside your head. If you ask Tom, he can tell you about YOUR house AND your NEIGHBOR’s house anywhere, anytime. (Tom has about 1 minute to share about himself and what he does)

(Jo) Today we are talking about heroes and helping them prosper and build wealth. Soldiers are heroes because of what some were willing to sacrifice and what others DID sacrifice to protect our country and our freedom. Later some became heroes to their families because of the decisions they made to buy a house with an affordable fixed-rate Veteran Mortgage. Low-to-nothing down Veteran Loans with affordable payments allowed these families to establish themselves in the community and build wealth over time as the value on their home increased. As a mortgage originator, these veteran stories inspire me. These families and their stories is a big reason I have stayed in the mortgage business for over 30 years. What do YOU want to accomplish with YOUR mortgage? Call me so I can hear YOUR story (901) 482-0354 JO@JOGARNER.COM


(Jo) Since we are talking about Veteran Home Loans and how military veterans can build wealth buying real estate, I want to share a story about one of my star veteran real estate investors. When John first started out he bought a house in the city where he was stationed using a 100% veteran loan. He put together a plan to get wealthy during his military career moving from station to station buying a house each move and keeping the other homes for rental income.

The challenge that threatened to shoot holes in his life plan was the fact that the more property he bought, the more specialized mortgage products he needed since his VA eligibility was limited to one or two properties. He needed an experienced mortgage loan originator who could continue to come up with additional mortgage loan programs that fit each situation, so he could continue buying properties at terms that would allow him to make money.

It has been a joy and inspiration getting to work with GI John as his mortgage officer. GI John continues to build his real estate portfolio. Since he has done so well with his rental properties, many of his houses are paid off and he no longer has to work. He is finishing up a long military career. Now I see pictures on Facebook of John and his wife regularly on a Carribbean Cruise, on a beach, in the mountains and other exotic places. Thank you, John, for your service to our country. Kudos! to you for making your plan, working your plan, and when the deal worked for you, you did it.

(Jo) My star veteran real estate investor client knew how to break past common myths a lot of veterans get stuck believing, not realizing the gold mine close at hand. But the VA loan is not the only gold mine available. My veteran customer, John, used the low down payment FHA loan, and different one example of myth variations of the conventional loan product—even cash.

Here’s some myths veterans believe about the Veteran Home Loan program that can cause them to miss opportunities.

  1. You can use your VA mortgage eligibility more than once.

  2. You can have more than one VA loan

  3. The VA mortgage can be used to by single-family homes, duplexes, tri-plexes and quadraplexes as long as the veteran lives in one of the units

  4. The VA loan can be assumed by another party subject to the lender’s approval

We will cover more on the myth busters in more detail later in the show.

Tom, you are an experienced appraiser. What are some myths about appraising that you find are commonly believed by homeowners and homebuyers? (Tom launches until 9:15)

You’re on Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe and I’m your host, Jo Garner, mortgage originator. What do YOU want to accomplish with YOUR mortgage? Make your plan. Let’s work your plan. If the deal works for you today, let’s do it today on a home purchase or refinance. Connect with me at or call direct at 901 482-0354. When we come back we will be hearing more from appraiser Tom King. Genell Holloway from Eagle Hollow Enterprises will be joining us for a tip for veterans and others on getting the right health benefits. See you guys back in just a few minutes.


2nd segment after 9:15 advertising break – (producer to start the song “Taking Care of Business” by Bachman Turner Overdrive –but bring the volume down before the lyrics start) It’s time to talk shop with Talk Shoppe’s Business Tip For Real Estate Professionals. Talk Shoppe is a marketing company offering free education and networking to anyone interested in real estate or in business. Talk Shoppe is made possible by the financial support of its sponsors and advertisers. For more about Talk Shoppe, go to (shoppe) For our Talk Shoppe Business Tip today we have Talk Shoppe sponsor, Genell Holloway of Eagle Hollow Enterprises . Genell has helped so many people make good decisions about getting affordable health benefits. Genell, you even know of special programs to help our military veterans. Genell, What is our Talk Shoppe Business Tip for Real Estate Professionals today? Has about 1 minute or so to share a tip (Jo says, “Thanks, Genell. How do we contact you?

Jo, today’s talk shoppe tip is this……as a widow of a veteran, I recently learned that the state of TN provides a liaison to help veteran families obtain benefits they are entitled to. The process for obtaining benefits can be quite challenging as I have learned. The liaison makes it so much easier. There are also Medicare plans that are especially designed specially for our veterans. Call me to obtain more information at 901.270.1127



  1. Talk about the mortgage/appraiser firewall

  2. What type of appraisals do you do where people can hire you directly?

  3. Share a story of when you have helped real estate cash investors determine of the property is really a good deal.

  4. Types of repairs that are typically notated on the real estate appraisal. Which types are mortgage companies likely to require to be repaired before closing?




  1. Myth: The VA mortgage can only be used once in a lifetime. /Wrong- you can get a loan up to 4 times the amount of whatever VA eligibility you have left on your Certificate Of Eligibility. For example if you show $36,000 eligibility, then you are able to get up to $144,000 and if your income-to-debt ratios are acceptable enough, your eligibility can be expanded so you can get a loan up to $647,200. But if you have only used $15,000 of your eligibility to buy your first home at $60,000, then you still have some eligibility to buy another home later when you are ready to move from the old home to the new home.

  1. You can have more than one VA loan. Just like the example above. If you have not used up all of your eligibility, you might be able to qualify for another VA mortgage. VA mortgages are for veterans planning to use the home as their primary residence.

  1. The VA mortgage can be used to by single-family homes, duplexes, tri-plexes and quadraplexes as long as the veteran lives in one of the units. You can buy a multi-unit property, live in one unit and rent the other units to tenants. In many cases the rent from the other tenants can more than cover YOUR payment. With the rent income from the other tenants in the building, you may find it easy to pay off the mortgage early, saving tens of thousands of dollars.

  2. The VA loan can be assumed by another party subject to the lender’s approval

  3. You can refinance a VA loan on a streamline program without having to get an appraisal.

  4. Veterans getting disability compensation for service-related medical issues are exempt from having to pay the VA funding fee that is normally added to the loan amount. Also, surviving spouses of veterans who died in the service or from a service related disability are also exempt from having to pay the VA funding fee and can, on a case-by-case basis, get a VA loan.

  5. The maximum loan amount for VA loans is $647,200 for a single family, but the veteran can pay the difference between a higher home price and the maximum loan amount.

  6. For more information about the Veteran Mortgage Program:

  1. Let’s you and I talk about YOUR plans to save on your mortgage costs or your plans to build your real estate portfolio. But you have to talk with me personally so I can work with you. You can connect with me at or call me directly at (901) 482-0354. MAKE YOUR PLAN, LET’S WORK YOUR PLAN. IF THE DEAL WORKS FOR YOU TODAY, DO IT TODAY!

CALLER TESTIMONY ON VETERAN HOME LOANS BY PEGGY LAU:–Retired US Navy Line Commander/ independent representative for Club Seacret (Travel Club)

(901) 289-0747

REAL ESTATE TIP OF THE WEEK (Genell Holloway has 1 minute to share a tip for our real estate pros. )

Jo, since we’re talking about home loans for veterans today, I thought it appropriate to share a misconception about one’s final resting place. It is true that veterans are entitled to a burial spot at the VA Cemetery. But, the body still has to be prepared and be in a casket or cremation urn before the veteran can be buried. There are lots of ways to be prepared for these expenses. It’s always good to do policy reviews on an annual basis to ensure your family is prepared for those difficult days. There is no cost for a policy review with me. Call me to set an appointment today at 901.270.1127.

If we have time, Tom can share a real estate tip. When appraising the value of a home. appraisers choose homes that are similar to the home they are appraising. They look for homes within a mile or close geographic vicinity that sold within the last 6 months , but not always the house across the street.

Jo’s tip If you want to purchase home and the competition is still with multiple offers on the house you want to buy, let’s talk about some methods we can use to help you be more competitive—even if you are getting a mortgage to purchase the home. ( Be Persistent, Prepared and with a Strong Preapproval letter) Contact me at 901 482-0354 or


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(Tom ) 4. Thank you to all of our veterans. You served us. Its our turn to serve YOU.



5. Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe reminds you that MAKE YOUR PLAN, LET’S WORK YOUR PLAN. IF THE DEAL WORKS FOR YOU TODAY, DO IT TODAY!.


The true soldier fights, not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” G.K. Chesterton



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  3. Rob Draughon and Shelly Rothman, closing attorneys at Griffin Clift Everton and Maschmeyer (901) 752-1133

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Tom is a certified residential appraiser in Tennessee.  He have appraised over 20,000 homes in his career.  A graduate from the University of Tennessee with a degree in real estate, Tom is also a Certified Relocation Professional (CRP).  Tom also has vast experience in dealing appraising real estate for pre-listing sales, cash buyers, divorce settlements, estate settlements. (901) 487-6989

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